Merging of ERA5, EEA and ESS10 Self-completion data

Process Activity

Description: The process involves merging ERA5, EEA, and ESS10 Self-completion data, selecting only the observations relevant to the specified regions based on coverage, and saving the integrated data as a single file for ESS Round 10 (Self-completion).

Diagram of the Process Activity

digraph Diagram { graph [ stylesheet="../_static/custom.css" fontnames = "svg" # "... rock solid standards compliant SVG", see: rankdir="LR" nodesep="0.15" tooltip=" " ]; node [ fontname="sans-serif" ]; activity_13e9d99b_d48f_4a8c_934e_2b9a8d942e4e [ shape="rect" style="filled, rounded" width="3" height="0.8" fontcolor="white" fillcolor="#4363d8" fontsize="13pt" label="Merging of ERA5, EEA and ESS10 Self-completion data\n(current activity)" tooltip=" " ]; EntityProduced_1 [ shape="rect" style="filled" width="2" height="0.1" fontcolor="blue" fontsize="10pt" URL="" target="_blank" label="Integrated datafile for\nERA5, EEA and ESS10\nSelf-completion" tooltip="Entity produced by current activity" fillcolor="#dcbeff" ]; activity_13e9d99b_d48f_4a8c_934e_2b9a8d942e4e:e -> EntityProduced_1:w [ minlen="2" ]; }